Fruta Planta Pink

Fruta Planta Pink
Fruta Planta Pink
Fruta Planta Pink
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Fruta Planta Pink

Is the hottest Chinese weight loss supplement on the market! 

One easy to swallow capsule daily is all you need to achieve the results you desire. People worldwide are losing up to a pound a day, using this supplement.

Fruta Planta Pink Product Features:

* Helps to Completely curb your appetite (most people say they do not want to eat,  make sure to EAT at least 3 meals a day even if YOU DO NOT FEEL HUNGRY!

* Helps to reduce bloating and water retention

* May help to give you energy, so your less fatigued, especially after lunch

* May help you to lose up to pound a day!


Fruta Planta Pink Indiengrents:

Fruit Lemon, Fruit Gum, Bitter Gourd, Papaya, Benefit Fruit 



400mg x 30 capsules


Fruta Planta Pink Usage and Dosage:

Everyday day, before breakfast.



Store in a cool,dry place. Keep out of reach of children.



Children, pregnant woman, and the patients with  heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease can not take this pills.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Carol B, 06/01/2016

Fruit Pink is awesome. Lost some weight and always with energy.

Reviewed by Jim , 07/16/2011

I tried this product and that is awesome. Great Results..

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