Immediate Effective Slim Chocolate Cream

Immediate Effective Slim Chocolate Cream
Immediate Effective Slim Chocolate Cream
Immediate Effective Slim Chocolate Cream
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Immediate Effective Slim Chocolate Cream

Body firming cream. Firming flabby skin and reduce stretch marks

This product can effectively activate lipolytic enzyme, quickly burn out excessive and stubborn fat in the human body,improve vein and lymph circulation,effectively expel metabolites out of the human body,prevent varicosity, facilitate fatigue relief ,rebuild a slim figure , improve and smooth pregnancy wrinkle produced after delivery, nourish and moisturize the epidermis, and activate elastic skin cells.this product is a natural formula, not greasy at all.



After cleaning the skin, coat an appropriate amount of this product evenly onto the areas with accumulated fat, and massage the areas for 5-20 minutes, which is equivalent to doing an aerobic exercise on fat cells for 60 minutes. You will see a consistently remarkable effect.





Net weight: 

200 ml



Chocolate SOAP Factor, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, such as Ivy, Oolong Tea Extract, Primrose



Activating lipolytic enzyme effectively, fast burning extra stubborn fat in the body to improve venous and lymphatic circulation, effectively remove metabolites in the body, prevention of varicose veins, helps relieve fatigue remodeling slim figure, pair postpartum to improve the society role, at the same time can nourish and replenish skin's moisture, activates the skin's elasticity cells, contain natural ingredients, never greasy.



After cleansing, take appropriate amount onto the 15-20-minute massage at the fat, equivalent to let fat cells do 60 minutes of aerobic gymnastics results. Continued to feature!


Suitable For:

Office workers, sedentary people for a long time, no time to exercise, abdominal uplift, is of fat build.


Recommended For:

Local fat parts, abdomen, thighs, arms, Chin.



This product uses a slight fever is normal, do not worry.

Wound or skin of eczema and other parts to avoid using, and skin diseases, please do not use in pregnant women.

Avoid use during pregnancy and menstruation.

Are not edible.



Immediate Effective Slim Chocolate Cream. Focal tightening and slimming body care, this product can effectively activate liposuction

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lucina , 07/09/2017

I love the smell of chocolate and this cream is smoothy and soft. I use it before workout, and I wear a neoprene pant, which is a sauna pant, and after I finish it, take a bath... I look at my skin more firmer, but I need to give it more time, maybe I am excited with this cream, but for now, I see that is going to give me good results.