Japan Lingzhi Toxin Discharged Tea 30 Pack

Japan Lingzhi Tea
Japan Lingzhi Tea
Japan Lingzhi Tea
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Guarantee 100% Original and Authentic Lingzhi Diet Tea



Speed up decomposing neutral fat

Repress sugar absorbing

Prevent storing up of neutral fat

Discharge toxin and urine

Prevent mouth’s off-odor

Regulate organic balance


The Toxin-discharged Tea of ganoderma consists of Japanese wild red glossy ganoderma and kind of creams of the plants. It mainly aims at removing the heaping up of fat and toxin as well as the straightway of lymph. It also helps to get rid of the problems such as excessive fat and over-secretion of fat. If drunk after meals it helps to improve the function of intestines and stomach and speed up metabolism. The surplus fat in waist, abdomen and buttocks is taken out in the form of waist. As a result it has the effect of beautifying oneself, discharging toxin and building up your body.



1 Box - 30 Packs - Made In Japan



Gyrophra(LingZhi), Hemp seed, Sickle Senna Seed, Honeysuckle Flower, Flower of Hyacinth Dolichos, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Green Tea, Japanese Generation Dietary Fiber



· Take 2 or 3 times after meals a day (tea bag dipped in hot water for 8 minutes) for the purpose of discharging toxin and losing weight and those who suffer from serious constipation.
· Drink one tea bag all day through and after each meal for the purpose of keeping fit and beautifying oneself (tea bag dipped in hot water for 8 minutes)



Store in an air proof, cool, dark and dry place;



Keep out of reach of children.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by rhonda, 02/18/2016

I love this kind of tea, those who helps you lose weight and at the same time, feel good about yourself!!!

Reviewed by alex, 11/23/2011

this tea is excelent, i just love it, i fell with more energy