Liji Shou Slimming Capsules

Liji Shou Slimming Capsules
Liji Shou Slimming Capsules
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Liji Shou Slimming Capsules

Is refined from sour orange, Tuckahoe, carapace element and fat-removing saponin and the fat-removing saponin is called as the rival of fat. 

It can restrain lipase activity, prevent fat from being absorbed in intestinal canal, increase the decompositions of stored accumulated fat, control fat increase, concentrate water successfully, avoid the water losing in the decomposition of fat and triple the degree of fat decomposition, which is more remarkable in the decomposition of fat at waist, abdomen, haunch, thigh. 

The new scientific directions shall have no side effect to human body, no diarrhea, no anorexia, anti-rebound and no dependence.

It is a slimming product with best public praise in China.


30 capsules



1 time per day, 1capsule per time


-. Fast work, obvious effect
-. Suppresses appetite, no hunger
-. No rebound
-. Do not destroy the metabolic process(no diarrhea)
-. No chemicals
-. No hormone
-. No side effect
-. No dependence


Keep in a dry and cool place

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Thmas W, 08/30/2012

Great weight loss pill.