MUST UP Cream Breast and Butt Enlargement Cream 100 mg

MUST UP Cream Breast and Butt Enlargement Cream 100 mg
MUST UP Cream Breast and Butt Enlargement Cream 100 mg
MUST UP Cream Breast and Butt Enlargement Cream 100 mg
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MUST UP Herbal Extracts Breast Enlargement Cream and Butt Enlargement Breast Enhancement Pueraria Bella Mirifica 1 Tube 100 mg



Easy, surgery-free breast and butt enhancement

Firmer, shapelier breasts for improved self-esteem

Herbal balancing formula for breast tissue

Nourishes and hydrates breasts and butts

Discrete packaging and delivery


Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement Cream is a tissue stimulating natural blend that helps enhance a woman's breasts and skin texture.


Our unique cream formulation is absorbed very quickly into the breasts to penetrate deeply, allowing maximal results that are applied directly to the target tissues.

The end result is a visible firming and enhancing of the breasts and surrounding area.


This breast enhancement program is based on the amount of breast tissue nourishing levels present in the body.

A six month program should be sufficient to give maximum results on breast enhancement. You can stop as soon as you are satisfied with the results.

Six months is the recommended period in order to obtain maximum results.

After six months, once a week application may be all that is required to keep your breasts looking fuller, perkier and firmer!


Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement Cream is also used as a natural butt enhancer using the same properties that help with breast enhancement.




This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The cream accelerates the cell activation of the whole breast, uplift your breast in a short period of time. Moreover, the ingredients could efficiently resist tissue loosening, help you enhance and uplift the breast in one time, and make your body line even more attractive.


1-2 days: The Preliminary Stage

The cream penetrates into the breast cells, enhance the growth of mammary glands and tissues.

7-9 days: The Cell Activation Stage

You will feel slight swelling pain in the breast. Use the cream continuously to achieve the full development of your bust.

20 days: The Growth Stage

Your breast obviously becomes fuller and firmer. Use the cream daily to regain your breast firmness and tender.

over 1 month: The Stabling and Moisturizing Stage


Depend on individuals, your breast will grow about 6-8 cm. You can massage your breast with the cream 3-5 times a week to resist the gravity and keep them firm and tender. 

Step 1: Spread the cream to the breast all around.

Step 2: The body slightly to bend down, both hands pat the breast base, and upwardly pushes 10 times of each.

Step 3: Pushes from the armpit to the cleavage 10 times of each.

Step 4: With the middle finger and the ring finger, pulls several times of the chest ligament, is helpful to strength the breast and enhancement.

Tips :

1) During the first week of using, massage twice a day in the morning and at night.

2) It is more effective to use the cream after taking a bath.

3) When your bust becomes fuller, remember to wear bras that fit and massage your bust every day.




Pueraria mirifica, Kigeline, Green Papaya

Reviewed by Julia K, 05/13/2015

My breasts have continue to increase is terms of 'squishiness'. There is a VERY noticeable change in their appearance!!! Their shape now has a little bit of roundness; something that had been lost a very long time ago (they were literally completely flat).