Neoprene Sauna Corset Waist Trainer Body Shaper Vest

Neprene Sauna Corset Body Shaper Vest
Neprene Sauna Corset Body Shaper Vest
Neprene Sauna Corset Body Shaper Vest
Neprene Sauna Corset Body Shaper Vest
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Neprene Sauna Corset Waist Trainer Body Shaper Vest


Sauna Corset Waist Trainer Vest  is made up of neoprene which especially made for workout exercise, which not only increases your core temperature during exercise, burns more fat in your stomach. 


Maximize and Enhance Your Workout with Weight Vest:

The inner layers of zipper tank top vest provides support for the core and create a "sauna effect" around your belly, stimulating fat loss and calorie burn during your everyday workout while its outer layer is super absorbent, so that you sweat on the inside and stay dry on the outside. 


Tummy Tuck and Back Support:

Scientific design and compression of fitness waist trainer with zipper helps straighten and support your back, correct your posture, flatten your abdomen, and wide straps top body shaper design prevent from rolling up or down while exercising, perfect for working out or do sport in the gym. 


Suitable for Any Weight Loss Program:

Take this waist trimmer to the gym ,running or yoga, not only make you sweat like crazy, maximize fat burning and enhance your workout to achieve your fitness weight loss goals faster, but also can improve microcirculation, help your body to sweat out harmful toxins, accelerates metabolism for your body. 


Warm Tips:

The neoprene smell of the weight loss sauna vest is normal, it would be easy gone after a few times hand washes in cold water with a soft detergent, hang dry to maintain shape. If any question, we hope you will bring them to our attention, we ensure that making you 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Package Include:

1 x Women Sweat Neoprene Sauna Vest


New Neoprene Material:

Sauna sweat vest is soft and high elastic, exclusive breathable neoprene  helping to both auto-regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable, while the thermal layer speeds up your bodys calorie burning processes. Neoprene body shaper mobilizes fat cells making you slimmer


Faster Weight Loss 5 Times More:

Neoprene sauna waist trainer vest helps you burn calories FIVE times more which allows you to reach your body shape goals,burn out more fat, produce heat during workout. Weight Loss shaper accelerate quick weight loss, wear under clothes provides your abdominal compression and lumbar support, sleeves reduce unwanted arm inches


Increase Sweating Up To 3 Times More:

Sweat weight loss vest helps prevent injuries, release toxins at skin level and trim inches off of your waist quicker by heating up your belly and making you sweat 3 times more than usual. Let you sweat crazy when you workout keeping your body warm during cold days. Breathable mesh armpit and crotch helps to volatilize stink after prolonged use


Soft and Comfortable, Elastic and Well-Made Stitch:

Neoprene slimming vest have exclusive material, super comfortable and light when wearing, making you feel wearing nothing, but have sauna sweating feeling, fat burning on arms, tummy, high quality design, no broken happen when workout. Sauna shaper vest with zipper is very easy to put on and take off


Upgrade Zipper With Closed Button and Improved Size:

Women sweat vest with a closed button, no anymore zipper slip down. Please choose your right size according to left size chart picture


Size Chart:


Size    USA Size      Bust (inch) (cm)     Waist (inch) (cm)

S                 4-6           26.77      68            22.04    56

M                6-8           27.55       70           22.83     58

L                  8-10        29.13        74           24.40     62

XL               10-12       30.70        78          25.98     66

XXL             12-14       32.28        82          27.5       70

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nancy, 05/23/2018

I am wearing this corset everyday, and is incredible my posture, my tummy looks flat, and I want to be slim all the time. I am doing yoga with my vest on, sweating and losing pounds. This is the best vest you can possible buy.