Organic Hemp Valley Moisturizing Day Cream 1.69 fl oz

Organic Hemp Valley Moisturizing Day Cream
Organic Hemp Valley Moisturizing Day Cream
Organic Hemp Valley Moisturizing Day Cream
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Organic Hemp Valley Moisturizing Day Cream


This cream is enriched with Organic Certified Shea butter, Olive oil and Jojoba oil to protect and pamper your skin, and with pure Hyaluronic Acid, which forms a film at the surface of the skin, thus offering an optimal hydration and protection from external aggressions.

The Hemp Valley line of products is based on Hemp Seed Oil. Most of the health benefits of hemp seed oil come from its excellent ratio of omega 6 to omega 3, which is similar to what the body needs. 

Hemp Seed Oil provides the powerful nutrition.

It is one of the best sources of omega fatty acids, that provides moisture to your skin.



Aply to cleansed skin with gentle patting motions until absorbed.


This oil has been extracted for many centuries, and is well known for its many benefits for the skin; it can prevent moisture loss in the skin and help prevent premature aging, and is effective in maintaining moisture balance.

It can also provides a relief in certain skin conditions.


Hemp seed oil is a natural moisturizer and can help to make your skin feel smooth and soft while acting as a barrier and preventing moisture loss.







Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shalimar , 04/18/2019

This cream is so refreshing and soft. I wear it all day, it make me feel good, hydrated and moisture. Besides is organic, the best product to put in your beautiful skin. Thank you