Te Chino del Dr Ming 60 Bags

Te Chino del Dr Ming
Te Chino del Dr Ming
Te Chino del Dr Ming
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Te Chino del Dr Ming 60 Bags

This weight loss system incorporates the latest knowledge in weight loss science with ancestral knowledge from Asia to guarantee a healthy and quick weight loss. This unique combination of natural herbs was originally used by apprentice monks to assist them in their relaxation reducing their anxiety and eliminating toxins from the body. This ancestral combination was studied in labs. We were able to combine the original formula with our weight loss specific ingredients (100% natural) to create the most effective weight loss formula ever created. 

Dr. Ming Chinese Tea is different because it is 100% natural and it activates mechanisms in our body that allow us to be healthier and more relaxed individuals while we loose weight in a healthy natural way.


Te Chino del Dr Ming Feature:

* Dr Ming TE CHINO is a 100% natural Herbal tea, which helps to lose weight. 

* It reduces cholesterol and accumulated fats in the body without any exercise or medication. 

* This is natural tea that helps people who have never managed to lose weight or who have always regained their weight that had reduced, as it prevents the formation of fats in the body again.

 * It is the fastest and easiest way to reduce your weight without any side effects, as it is 100% natural


Te Chino del Dr Ming Specification:
Each box contains 60 Tea Bags.


The ancient natural herb formula that has helped million of people around the World !! 

The herbs for the tea have been carefully harvested by hand and selected to give you the best results.

This product doesn't contain any chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives.


Te Chino del Dr Mings Ingredients:

Green Tea, Senna, Peppermint, Orange Peel, Licorice Root, Lemon Grass, Natural Flavor. Camelia Sinnensis, Solanum Andigenum, Solanum Melongena, Cymbopogon Citratus, Citrus Aurantium, Elettaria Cardamomum


Dr Ming Chinese Tea will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted faster than ever.

This Tea is 100% natural. It is made with exotic herbs which will benefit you like 

Shelf Period: 

24 months

Te Chino del Dr Ming Suitable population:
Simply obesity, including people can not get slim neither by diet nor exercise.

Te Chino del Mr Ming Preparation: 

Boil water and pour it hot in a heat resistant cup, place a tea bag in the water and let it rest for 3 minutes. 

Do not add sugar. You may sweeten the tea with calorie free sweeteners.


Te Chino del Dr Ming Warning:

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. As with any nutritional supplement, people with special medical conditions are encouraged to consult with their physician before use.


It is important while taking this slim product to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, including pure water and natural juices. 

Do not consume alcohol while taking slim teas.

It may neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process. Try to cut down on your intake of salt. 

Drink and enjoy the benefits that the ancient Eastern formula of Dr Ming Herbal tea provides. This tea is 100% natural. It’s made with exotic herbs which will benefit  you like never before. With Dr Ming Herbal Tea, you will reduce sizes in a fast way. You’ll see results in the very first two weeks.

Dr Ming Herbal Tea will help you to get rid of unwanted fat, purify your body and flush toxins. You will have the slim body you've always wanted in a fast and healthy way


Many ordinary products contain chemicals that may harm and unbalance the natural processes of the body. This is the reason why, many people, soon after they lose weight, gain it again. Getting even heavier, after those dangerous diets and treatments. Dr Ming Herbal Tea is different because its 100% NATURAL. It helps you to lose weight in a healthy way. Two of its natural ingredients activate the key enzymes that deal with the metabolism of the body. The Herbal Tea turns fat into ENERGY, purifying and shaping your body

Simply drink a cup of Dr Ming Herbal Tea before breakfast and another one before dinner.

In just two weeks, you will see results. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Soteldo , 02/18/2016

I love dr ming products. The tea is great.

Reviewed by Terry H, 09/07/2012

This tea is the best. I drink it everyday, and it helps me burn calories. I recommended...