Efero Breast Enhancement Cream 40g

Efero Breast Enhancement Cream
Efero Breast Enhancement Cream
Efero Breast Enhancement Cream
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Efero Breast Enhancement Cream

Increases tightness 

Improve elasticity

Net Wt : 40g



. Contains multiple plant essences, can quickly penetrate and absorb, nourishes breast skin

. Helps to improve the dryness of the breast, rough, dull and other endows breast skin with elasticity and lubrication

. Helps improve breast skin curve and elasticity,  makes breast skin plump and elastic. 




Scope of Use:

Suitable for any skin type.

How to Use it:

After bathing in hot water every night, take appropriate amount of this product. Evenly apply it to both breasts, massage breasts in a circle from outside to inside for a moment.


Leave the chest soft, shiny and elastic 

Step 1

Activate deep tissue of the breast

Step 2

Breast slowly increased

Step 3

Stretched and elastic


Package Included:

1 Breast Enhancement Cream

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Analina , 08/04/2019

Great cream, very soft and I am seeing my breast is growing... good results