Frequent Asked Questions

Where can I track my order?

You will receive an email with the tracking number. Once you receive it, you can track your order here:


Where can I get my tracking number?

Please go to our chat room and give them your name, order number or email address, and they will provide you the tracking number.


What do I do if my transaction is declined?

When a transaction is declined,  your bank hold this money, and they will release the money in 2-3 business days.

Because the transaction were declined, your bank never give us the money.

You can call your bank, or wait until your bank releases the money


What can I do if I want to return my order?

We offer store credit for returned merchandise, such us, ordering the wrong item, changing for other product or other situations approved by us. No refunds. We do not offer "try out”. All returned products have to be unopened and sealed. Shipping cost for return is customer responsibility. You will need a RMA number before returning merchandise, contact us please. We do not refund returned packages due to incorrect address. Due to the nature of the product, claims have to be reported within 24 hours after delivery.


What happen if you don't have my product?

We will send you an email to let you know it, and ask you if you want a refund, an exchange or wait until we have it in stock.


What shoul I do if my card is declined and give an error # 1, 2, 122, etc?

The best you can do is call your bank  and tell them that the purchase you trying to make is been declined, they would tell you the exact reason why.

Usually, the main reasons why credit card are declined are:

Wrong Address (Must match the statement address of your credit card)

Wrong Credit Card Number,  Wrong Expiration Date, or  Wrong Card Security Code


How can I use my rewards points?

The points you can use it to buy products on our website.

When you reach 200 points, the system will send you a Gift Certificate for $15.00

and you can enter the gift certificate numbers while you are doing the checkout on the site.


Why my Gift Certificate doesn’t work?

Please enter the gift certificate number in the box: gift certificate

If you enter the number in the box: coupon is not going to work

The gift certificates never expired


Why my tracking number doesn’t work?

Please give it 2 days and check again,  USPS  website takes a while to updated the information.


Why I can not track my international order?

Usually USPS deliver international packages efficient.

But, unfortunately, when is an international package, it can not be track it

They don't update their database when is international.

Also, due to the strict inspection in Custom, we are unable to provide accurate shipping time and we are not responsible for any accident delay


What happen if I enter a wrong address?

Please send us an email inmediately, with the correct address.