Seven Break Slimming Body Gel

Seven Break Slimming Body Gel
Seven Break Slimming Body Gel
Seven Break Slimming Body Gel
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Seven Break Slimming Body Gel  


Body Maintenance Slimming Gel 

Losing Weight Dissolving Fat 

Very Safe All Natural Herbal Mix Made in Japan. 

Great results in very short time.

It dissolve fat and enhance skin tone quickly and safely..


How to Use It:

Apply a good amount of the cream to the area that needs to be treated and massage it in a circular movement for 3-5 minutes or till fully absorbed.

For best results use it after a warm bath or just warm rinse twice a day till reaching the desired result.

To enhance the effect of this product if applied to the stomach area, wear a slimming belt after applying it.

It can be used by both men and women.



For external use only, keep the product in a cool place and away from children 



Net weight: 200g


Suitable For:

Female, Male


Leave on skin and hot sensation is normal 

No need to rinse

Apply on area you wish to slim



Keep in cool and dry place, avoiding high temperature and humidity and

direct sunlight.


Package include:

1 Seven Break Gel 


Also works while you sleep! 



Water, Ethanol, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin with Hazel Leaf Extract, Lysolecithin, DPG, Red Pepper Extract, Euglena Extract, Caffeine, Guraushin, Flavan Leaf Extract, Tea Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid Na, Matecha Leaf Extract, Coffee Seed Extract, PEG-60 Almond Glycerides, Cetyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Coconut Oil, Alkyl Glucosides, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbitan Laurate, Lauroyl Proline, Orange Oil, Hydroxide K, Carbomer, Menthol, BG, Quinoa Seed Extract, Methyl Paraben, Fragrance



If abnormal itching and irritation redness, swelling appeared stop the use. If direct sunlight after use, and abnormality such as the above appears, please discontinue use. 


Volume: 200 g

Condition: Brand New

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dana Y, 05/17/2018

I use this cream at night, going to sleep with the cream on, in the morning I do some exercise and I feel the skin softer than before, also cellulite is less ugly. I guess I have to use more this cream and get some massages, but so far this is the best slimming cream I know, recommended