Automatic Retractable Traction Rope For Household Pets

SKU: A-1311


An automatic retractable traction rope is a device that can be used to give your household pet some freedom to roam while still being safely tethered to you.

These devices typically consist of a handheld controller and a retractable leash that is attached to your pet's collar or harness. When your pet reaches the end of the leash, the leash will automatically retract back into the controller, allowing you to control the length of the leash and keep your pet close by.

These devices can be particularly useful for dogs and other pets that may have a tendency to wander or run off. It's important to use caution when using a retractable leash and to always supervise your pet to ensure their safety.

Product information:

Material: ABS
Scalable: Yes
Color: upgrade with storage box plastic-white, upgrade plastic-with storage box-black, upgrade plastic-with storage box-blue, upgrade plastic-with storage box-green, upgrade plastic-with storage box -Orange, upgrade with storage box and plastic wrap-pink, upgrade with storage box, plastic-red
Size: 5 meters

Rope width: 1.2M

Packing list: 

1*towing rope


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