Citronella Anti Bark Collar Spray for Dogs

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Citronella Anti Bark Collar Spray for Dogs


If you want to stop your dog excessive barking effectively without hurting him with a shock collar, try this Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar. Electric shock and ultra-sonic products attempt to redirect behaviors with pain. In addition to being less effective, pain may actually increase anxiety and aggression and make some behavior problems worse.

The Anti-Bark Collar is a much more humane and effective nuisance barking solution, delivering a harmless burst of citronella to interrupt your dogs barking. Your dog will quickly and painlessly learn that there is a consequence for barking. He should completely assimilate to the collar within a few days.

This harmless spray conditions your dog to behave properly by working on four of his five senses: he hears it, feels it, sees it and smells it.

1 Spray Collar
1 Nylon Strap
2 Bottle
1 Charger
1 USB Cable
1 English User Manual


Usage Information

When to use:

The Premier SpraySense Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar can be used with any breed of dog weighing 6 lbs. or more and is at least 6 months old. If your dog is smaller or younger, please check first with your veterinarian. It is ideal for controlling general nuisance barking both indoors and outdoors. it is NOT recommended for anxiety-related barking unless specifically directed by a behavior professional.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Laura , 10/06/2014

My dog barks a lot and I was afraid to use an anti bark collar, bur a frien of mine recommend me this citronella collar, and now I am very pleased that he does not bark as ussual, (like crazy).