Electronic Anti Bark Dog Training Shock Collar

Electronic Anti Bark Dog Collar
Electronic Anti Bark Dog Collar
Anti Bark Collar
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Electronic Anti Bark Dog Training Shock Collar 

This unit will make your dog stop barking within days. If your dog barks, the collar applies a high pitch tone, if your dog barks again within 30 seconds, a tone and a mild shock will follow. 

With each further barks within 30 seconds, the shock will intensify up to 5 times stronger.


Is your dog is  barking uncontrollable that its starting to get everybody annoyed? Are you finding it difficult to train him/her using orthodox methods? 

You are not alone.  Many dogs simply do not respond to traditional training methods which is why thousands of owners and professional trainers have used this anti-bark dog training collars to assist them in their training programs. 

As we all know an out-of-control dog can be a danger to themselves and others. 

It can help you achieve a well trained and contented dog within days.


Stop Dog Barking in 3 Days or Less! Quality, Value, Guaranteed to Work




anti bark collar Product Features:

-. Durable, waterproof bark-control collar with sound and vibration sensitivity

-. Patented Perfect Bark detection ensures only your dog?s bark will set it off

-. Low-battery indicator

-. LED flash signal light

-. Low battery consumption

-. Different levels of tone commands to train your pet with special meaning.

-. Integration of static stimulation and tone command.

-. Different levels of static stimulation to teach your pet to behave


Having issues with your dog constantly barking all the time? 

Looking for a way safe and effective way to control your dogs barking? 


How it works: 

If your dog starts barking the collar first applies a warning tone which increasingly gets louder to the point where a shock is issued if the dog continues to bark. 

If the dog is quiet for 30 seconds or more the terminator  will reset to the mildest correction level. This way your pet only needs to experience higher shock levels a few times before learning that the mild tones will result in a shock if the bark continues. The end result is a safe effective way to eliminate your pets barking habits. 


More Features: 

Painless tone followed by shock only if bark persists increasing tone and shock stimulate as barking persists microprocessor controlled voice recognition feature which minimizes false triggering small light weight unit effective on dogs 5 lbs to 150 lbs. 


Automatic power saving mode PACKAGE CONTENTS: 

Progressive tone & shock unit Adjustable strap 6 Volt battery Printed Instructions


Shocks are triggered when the built-in sensor feels your dog bark

Intensity of shock increases with each bark to help keep barking to a minimum

Sensitivity of sensor is completely adjustable

Ideal for single-dog homes 



Batteries not included

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Christine , 04/12/2014

If you are worried that this will hurt your small dog.Don't worry I have a pomeranian and it works wonderfully.

Reviewed by David R, 11/01/2012

I discovered that if I leave the battery in, the battery goes dead in 5 weeks. I've gotten into the habit of removing the battery whenever the dog doesn't have the collar on.

Reviewed by anita m, 06/20/2012

I recomend this anti BARK collar
Sorry but it is the only way I could control their barking. It works for me!!!