Shark Extract King Pills

Shark Extract King Pills
Shark Extract King Pills
Shark Extract King Pills
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Shark Extract Pills

Shark Extract King Pills is a new variety of pure biological medicine, processed by the biological super polymerization technology, with the extracts of 26 kinds of nucleotide acid and ginseng  glucoside, easy be absorb. Developed under the instruction of male Double Drive Approach, this product have the advanced technology, scientifically enriched, with fast, great duration, no harm.

The Shark Extract Pills retains the biological activity enter into the corpus cavernous of membrum to expand the vessels, improve blood entering, increase the content of testosterone in blood, so as to make the erection of membrum thick, hard and vigorous.

Simultaneously, they make the dormant testosterone come to revival, the cells grow agin through the activation of growth factor. Improving growth and development of the membrum tissue, reinforcing growth action further, and promoting the length, thickness and bigness make the membrum develop again.

-. Member littleness, genital organ hypoplasia, membrum atrophy, prospermia and hypo sexuality induced by the middle age and senility.
-. Persons discontented with his membrum, and the person whose membrum need to grow.
-. Persons who pursue quality of life, exhibit the full of himself and prolong the time for making love.
-. To improve the tiredness, dizziness and tinnitus.

Main Compositions: 

More than 10 rare animal and plant extracts from Caulls Cynomoril, Ginseng, Tortoise Plastron, Sea Horse, Penis et Testies Cervi, Yak Testis, Wolf berry Fruit, Velvet, Cynamorlum.

Applicable Persons: 

Membrum littleness, nicety, prospermia, spermatorrhea, poor vitality of spermatozoa, disturbance of sexual function, hypo sexuality, aching pain of the waist knees, myasthenia of the limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, weak constitution and night sweat, frequent urination at night, prostatitis et. 

Shelf life: 

3 years


10 Pills


Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.


As a healthcare product for male enhancement in sexual life, Shark Extract King keeps the animal testosterone active material of biological activities, which can directly enter into the penis for blood vessels expansion, quickly improving the content of human blood testosterone, and making the penis thicker, harder, and more powerful. 


Shark Extract King Pills can effectively stimulate cell regeneration embolden terrorists, further enhance the tissue growth, and promote the rapid growth of the penis function, making the penis thicker, harder, and more powerful, promoting a secondary development of genitals.


Special Effects:

-. Shark Extract King Pill is applicable to men with impotence,premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, weak sperm, sexual dysfunction, loss of libido penis small prospermia

-. Shark Extract King  Pills  can rapidly improve such symptoms as difficulty of the penis, short penis, hypo genesis of the genitals, genital stunted person, weakness of the kidney, penis of ancient atrophy.

-. Shark Extract King  Pills  is of significant effects in the sexual appetite decrease, prostatitis ,waist knees ache, aching, headache tinnitus and so on.



-. The young person should be given cautiously.

 -. Do not be anxious for success or not take Shark extract  overdose.

 -. Do not take Shark Extract King  repeatedly within 24 hours.

 -. If the penis erects repeatedly or erects without ejaculation, take cool water to relieve it.

 -. Not take Shark Extract King  when the character change.

 -. Put Shark Extract King  without children's touch.

 -. If you have any discomfort after taking Shark Extract King, you can stop taking it for few days or contact to your doctor.


Dosage and Usage:

Take one capsule and swallow with a bit of liquid (best warm water) about 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse.


Be ready to enjoy the entire night. Male Sexual 


Enhancement, effectiveness last up to 180 Hours!


Just one pill to see the effect bigger and thicker, makes the second  up grow  of the penis possible



-. Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes patients are secured to use.

-. Good curative effect to  the prostatitis patients.

-. No addiction, non-toxic  side effects .

-. The effect would not be affected by alcohol.

-. If erected many times or for a long time without ejaculation after administration, to drink cooled boiled water for cure.



Restore energy and reproduces blood, improves the kidney functions, solves impotence and the early ejaculation, small penis, prostate diseases, sterility of long marriage, male and female frigidity, awkwardness, pains of having sex, spermatorrhoea,  sore wrist and  poor memory,  depression, baldness, white hairs, etc.


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We always advise to go to your doctor for diagnosis.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Will A, 07/05/2016

Works amazingly. One of the best on the market for getting me UP!

Reviewed by marcelo , 06/02/2016

Thanks for this pill.