Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream
Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream
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Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream

During Pregnancy, a would-be mothers body changes dramatically-her weight increases skin lacks of natural elasticity, then feels tight and itchy, especially abdomen. " 

Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream expertly takes care of these problems by essential natural ingredients contained in the velvety cream.

What are Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are a type of scar beneath the skin. When body shape changes, or skin is stretched in any way, there is a possibility that the deeper layers of the skin may suffer damage. The deep layers of the skin are formed primarily by collagen and other connective tissue. When collagen is strained beyond its strength, it tears.
Because the layer of collagen cushions and pads the skin, and supports it, any tears in the collagen can be seen on the skin’s surface. These marks are frequently pink, purple or whitish in color and can be felt with the fingertips. These are stretch marks – also known to doctors as striae.

How to Use :
Apply Cream evenly to the problem area twice everyday, morning and evening


Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream Indications:

Prevention and correction of the stretch marks during pregnancy, puberty, variations of weight.

Tested by gynecologists. 

Action : 

Preventive action. Corrective Action. 


Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream Texture: 

Light, pleasantly perfumed and imparts a sensation of well-being. 

Its ideal texture is completely absorbed after massaging. 


Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream Directions: 

Apply the cream every day to areas likely to be affected (stomach, breasts, thighs, hips). Massage in until fully absorbed. 


The skin is well hydrated and nourished, retaining optimum elasticity and is thus better able to resist significant stretching. 

Stretch marks are much less likely to appear. 


By helping to firm up and restructure the skin, existing stretch marks are visibly reduced: their size is diminished and their color faded. 



50 G

Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream Ingredients:

Vitamin C, Collagen Elastic, Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, 


Laoshiya Anti Stretch Mark Cream Efficiency:

Effectively remove pregnant wrinkles, strengthen firmness, whiten skin, keep skin smooth and soft, and make skin lustrous and beautiful

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ninah , 10/27/2019

I have a lot of stretch marks after my new born, I was crazy, and a friend recommend this cream. Is soft and gentle, and is working fine. I see improvement and it looks better. I combine this cream with another one, cellulite cream, and both will help me have my beautiful legs back...