Slimix Health Diet Patch

Slimix Health Diet Patch
Slimix Health Diet Patch
Slimix Health Diet Patch
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Slimix Health Diet Patch



10 patches per box


Slimix Health Diet Patch is the best supplement to other Slimix fast weight loss formula products.

Slimix Patch is with combination of Hoodia Gordonii and Aca Berry. Slimix Patch works to suppress your appetite, accelerate fat burning and reduce the aging process as to benefit your overall health.

Try it today, Expecting a new you tomorrow!    



Hoodia Gordonii, Acai berry, Maca,Rhodiola Rosea, Soy Isoflavones, Maythorn, Immature Bitter Orange, Scutellaria baicalensis, Active substances of plant extract



Tear the bags, pick up the sliming patch. 

Paste the sliming patch on the navel, and then fixed with adhesive.


One piece every day, a sustainable external application for 12-24 hours and generally a course of one month. For even better results, try a two-month course.



Not applicable for women in pregnancy and menstrual period, And also people with severe deficient cold of spleen and stomach 

Do not take food with high calorific value, do not drink coffee or alcohol, do not eat nuts

Do not eat anything 3hours before you go to sleep. Spicy food is not suggested to take when applying the slim patch.

Appetite Controller

Faster fat breakdown

No diet or extra exercise

Increasing Energy Level



Frecuently Ask Questions:

Q. Is Slim Patch safe

Yes, for the following reasons: 

It is chemical free

It is a natural all pure 100% herbal patch.

It is applied externally therefore no burden is placed on internal organs such as the stomach, liver or kidneys.

It is been tested for 3 years to ensure no harmful effects.

If you have any skin allergies please consult your health care professional before using. Women who are in any  stages of pregnancy or lactation period should avoid using this product.


Q. How soon can I expect results?

A.You will notice a change within the first 12 days. In one weight reducing cycle (28 days) you can lose up to 20 pounds. Individual results will vary. It is important that you follow the instructions.


Q. How will the Slimix Patch work for me?

A.With the Slimix Patch you will be able to control your appetite, increase your metabolism ( burn excess fat ), reduce fat absorption and will assist in removing harmful toxins from the bodyThe patch will also help in regulating high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Q. Do I have to diet or exercise while using Slimix  Patch?

A.No just maintain your usual routine, however it is always beneficial to follow some basic health guidelines. For example: drink enough water during the day, do not eat before you go to bed and engage in some physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day , etc...


Q. Do I gain the weight back when I stop using Slimix Patch?

A.No,because this product regulates your body ability to absorb fat; however you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow some basic rules


Q. How long do I have to use Slimix Patch?


A.Most women achieve their goal in 1 to 2 months. Individual results will vary according to body type, activity level and lifestyle

Reviewed by Jeanette W, 10/21/2015

This patch is amazing. It works great, I lose 5 pounds and counting… Recommended