Vitaccino Slimming Coffee

Vitaccino Slimming Coffee
Vitaccino Slimming Coffee
Vitaccino Slimming Coffee
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Vitaccino Slimming Coffee


Vitaccino Natural slimming coffee is made of traditional coffee mixed with Hunger-Oblivion Grass, Griffonia Simplicifolia natrual plants extracts, which is 100% Pure herbal extracts with traditional secret slimming formula, help you lose weight in a safe and fast way, 30 lbs off within 30 days

Vitaccino Slim Coffee  is not like any other slimming coffees. 

Vitaccino Slimming Coffee is the perfect combination of high quality coffee beans, herbal weight loss formula and glucose. So it keeps the amazing bitter tastes and pleasant smelling of a good coffee. The herbal weight loss formula in Vitaccino Coffee helps to burn extra body fat. In addition, the glucose can provide extra energy to your body then you can eat less food. Can a cup of Vitaccino Coffee really help to reduce weight? Yes!!!


Vitaccino Slimming Coffee Features:

-. Same Slimming Formula as Natural Lose Weight Coffee
-. 100% herbal extract ingredients
-. No rebound no side effect
-. Appetite suppress
-. Lose 2-3 kg in a week


How does  Vitaccino Slimming Coffee works? 

Vitaccino Coffee turns extra body fat into fatty acids. You just need to do a little exercise to help the fatty acids go into your body circulatory system and then pass them out of the body in the urine.


Check Vitaccino Coffee slimming result. It is showed from the experiment that people who drank two cups of Vitaccino slim coffee can lose 1.46 kg in a week. And the others who stick to their slim coffee plan can reduce about 2.56kg in a week.


Specification and Notes:

-. There are 15 coffee bags per box. Drink 2 cups each day

-. 60 days is one course of treatment. That means 8 boxes for one course of treatment.

-. Eat healthy meals and limit the intake of fat and sugar.

-. Drink a hot cup of Vitaccino Slim Coffee can get a better result.

-. Exercising about 2-3 times a week for 45 minute sessions


Preliminary studies on Natural Slim Coffee have shown that it is a purely natural ,healthy and safe slimming beauty drink. Just take one bag daily, enjoy the great tasting coffee along the path of achieving your fitness goals!



-. Super fat burner

-. Restraining the absorption of excess starch, grease, sugar and related substances

-. Making your skin firm, smooth and delicate with various nutrients, vitamins and minerals essence inside


Vitaccino Slimming Coffee Mechanism of Action:

-. Increasing satiety and suppressing appetite

-. Smoothing the intestines to relax the bowels and cleaning the intestines system

-. Directional oil and fat reduction rather than body water reduction



Hunger-Oblivion Grass, Griffonia Simplicifolia, Immature Bitter Orange P.E extracts. Instant Coffee



Serve as traditional instant coffee



15 bags . 10g


Suitable For:

For simply obesity,  and people who want to keep fit.



Not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women, cardiovascular disease and stroke patients.



Place in air proof, shady and dry condition.


Keep body in shape:

A cup of Vitaccino  Slimming  Coffee  in everyday, decrease 40% of fatty formation, which can keep good shape and gradually reduce weight. 

Drinking this product after meal will help to improve and smooth the function of stomach, help to enhance the excess of metabolism, fat, the waist, legs, buttocks transformed as stool (feces) out of the body to achieve weight-loss, beauty and detoxification in multiple effects. 


Allow you to be fashionable in a better life. "Drink" the good out of a slim figure. Not only being safe but also no causing any weight rebound. 


Losing weight is so easy; it's just simple cup of coffee every day.


Vitaccino Slimming Coffee is made from high quality green coffee beans and a blend of roasted coffee beans to enhance your drinking experience, even when you add milk and /or sugar, Vitaccino Slimming Coffee is still working for you. Green Coffee contains antioxidants.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by ROXANA , 08/09/2019

Great taste, smell good and the best part, I am loosing weight while I drink my favorite coffee. Definitely recommended

Reviewed by Samantha , 05/22/2014

Big fan of coffee. And Vitaccino is so far, the best slim coffee I tried.