Waterproof Ultrasonic Anti-Bark

Waterproof Ultrasonic Anti Bark Collar
Waterproof Ultrasonic Anti Bark Collar
Waterproof Ultrasonic Anti Bark Collar
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Waterproof Ultrasonic Anti-Bark 

The Bark-stop collar is an advanced safe, non harmful behavior modification device, designed to help train your dog to stop barking. It is 100% waterproof,  which means that your dog can go swimming and it will still work. 

The BarkStop collar is waterproof design is built to stand the toughest abuse. 

Stop driving your neighbors mad! 

Safely control your dogs barking today. The collar is triggered by your dogs bark vibration. You can set it to both ultrasonic and audible settings. 

Your dog will quickly learn to associate barking with the ultrasonic beep of the collar. 

This is an effective training device to control your dogs excessive barking in a non harmful way (unlike some other bark control products on the market).


Product Features:

-. 100% Safe and Very Effective

-. Adjustable Collar to Fit Most Breeds

-. Fully Waterproof Design

-. Not Triggered By Other Dogs

-. Ultra Sonic and Audible Selection


Is the world first fully water resistant bark control products available!

Adjustable Stretch Collar

Triggers Automatically by Bark Vibration (Can not activate by other dogs barking)

UltraSonic and Audible Selections

Water Resistant Construction


Stop Bark Collar sends out an ultrasonic/audible signal when your dog is barking

No electric shock, harmless to your dog; Adjustable stretch collar - will fit almost all dogs

LED indicator: shows whether the collar is activated; Waterproof construction - no need to worry about product getting damaged in the rain


Train your dog to stop barking:

Ultrasonic and audible mode selections.



Creates harsh buzz to stop barking.

High and low modes ( high for big dogs, low for small dogs).

Dogs quickly learn that their barking causes this irritating sound and stop barking to stop the noise.



Works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking.

The ultrasonic sound is 100% harmless.


LED indicator on the front: 

The red LED indicator will light when the unit is  activated.

This will help in making sure the unit is working even in ultrasonic mode.

Adjustable stretch collar to fit different sizes.


Trigger accurately by bark vibration (can not activate by other dogs barking).


Product Details:

weight: 3.5 OZ



Dog Stop Barking Anti Bark Collar Training


Battery is not included


How it work:
The dogs will hear an ultrasonic sound sending out by the Collar when barking
The irritating sound will distract their attention and make them stop barking
Dogs will gradually learn that their barking causes the uncomfortable sound, and will control barking themselves
The ultrasonic sound can be heard only by the dogs, human ears can not hear it
The ultrasonic sound is 100% harmless
It is not guaranteed to work on all dogs, depending on every dogs learning ability
Adjustable stretch collar fits most sized necks


Ultrasonic and audible mode selections
On/off button



Triggers accurately by bark vibration (Will not be activated by other dogs barking)


The adjustable stretch collar will fit almost all dogs. It does not use electric shocks to train your dog; instead, it uses an ultrasonic signal which is harmless.


The unit is waterproof, so it will not be damaged by rain. It is triggered by the vibration of your dog barking, and it will not be affected by other dogs barking.






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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Roxi , 08/14/2012

My dog is a crazy one who loves to bark a lot. I bought this anti collar, and it works. My dog doesn't bark and now our house is more silent. Of course, if somebody knot the door, my dog got crazy. But this anti collar is amazing!!!!