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Lida Plus
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Lida Plus
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Lida Plus


Lida PLus 100% Fast Herbal Weight Loss Capsule.

It is the strong enhanced version of Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsule

It works fast and more effective than Lida Daidaihua Slimming Capsule.

Effectively burn fat, accelerate metabolism, restrain appetite naturally without dieting, and delay skin caducity. You will get unexpectedly good result from the first day

Available for both men and women!

Lida Plus Weight Loss for Best Slimming Capsules is a comprehensive Chinese herbal weight loss formula, which can suppress appetite, increase energy levels, enhance metabolism and melt away excess body fat. 



Increase metabolism

Benefits in area of the body such as abs, arms, legs hips and buttocks, with appropriate exercise, flabby body parts can be fired up quickly.

Herbal essences with no preservatives, no side effect



30 pills - 350 mg



Daidaihua extract - 87.5mg

Cassia Seed Extract - 59.5mg

Jobstears Seed Extract - 52.5mg

Mulberry Leaf Extract - 45.5mg

Medicinal Starch - 105mg


Targeted Weight Loss:

Focus on waist, belly and the position where fat easily accumulated



Slimming, Regulate blood fat, Toxin removal, Skin firming.



Sealed in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.


Shelf life:

24 months


How to take Slimming Capsules:

1 capsule a day before or after breakfast.

Do not take more capsules than recommended.

Drink more water and eat more fruit if thirsty (not enough pure water in your body reduces the body's glucose level in the blood, which causes weakness and dizziness)

Do not skip meals (especially breakfast or lunch). It is important while taking Lida Plus to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, including pure water and natural juices

Do not consume alcohol while taking Slimming Capsules. It may neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process. 


Mechanism of Action:

1. Boosting fat metabolism and blocking the non-fat material converting into fat.

2. Promoting satiety and controlling the fat intake effectively.

3. Smoothing the intestines to relax the bowels and cleaning the intestines system.



100% herbal, safe and free of side effects.

No harm, no dieting, no diarrhea, no rebound.

Slim any part you want.


Applicable For:

The overweighed between 18 and 60 years old.

Obesity people who are unwilling to dieting.

People suffering from many times of weight loss failure.


Not Applicable For:

People with cardiovascular disease and apoplexy.

Women in pregnancy or lactation.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Karinda , 11/18/2018

This product has been wonderful for me. I have dropped 50 pounds, by cutting out breads, carbs, excessive fat and sweets. I use a convection steam oven to make foods and that drastically reduces fats. This product for me, has helped curb by appetite, 

Reviewed by Esperanza A, 12/02/2017

Quiero recomendar está empresa porque envío mis productos muy pronto a paso tx sólo me gustaría que tenga disponible más productos lida para seguir comprando gracias

Reviewed by Marcela , 05/02/2017

After a minor surgery I was lacy and months after months no exercise for me. I gain some pounds and when I realize, I was huge. So, I try some diets, when to the gym (personal trainer was brutal) a friend of mine recommended Lida Plus, and I must say, no side effects, I feel more energy and try again going to the gym. So far, I lost 15 pounds, I am healthy, no tired and no fat at all. Totally recommended